Image on the left shows coffee beans overflowing towards the bottom of the coffee cup, while the image on the right shows 2 cups of coffee and an Ethiopian coffee pot.

The Journey To Ethiopian Coffee:

Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, steeped in ancient coffee traditions, has integrated coffee in its culture and economy for centuries. its exceptional quality and unique flavor profiles of Ethiopian coffee is renowned across the world. Join us as we explore the fascinating process of Ethiopian coffee production from bean to cup.

This journey begins with harvesting, as farmers handpick the coffee beans from the forested highlands, ensuring only the best coffee beans are selected for processing, guaranteeing exceptional quality. This harvest season lasts from October to January. The beans are picked only when fully ripe to ensure the best flavor.

After harvest, the beans undergo processing to remove the outer layer of the fruit, revealing the green coffee beans. The two primary processing methods of Ethiopian coffee are the dry process and the wet process. In the dry process, the coffee cherries dry in the sun for several weeks on drying beds. while in the wet process, the cherries are pulped, fermented, and washed before being dried.

Sorting the dried beans by size, shape, and color is critical to ensuring consistency in flavor and quality. The beans are then graded according to their quality, with higher grades fetching a higher price in the market.


Roasting is crucial role in bringing out the unique flavor profiles of an Ethiopian coffee. After sorting and grading, the beans are carefully roasted at a specific temperature. And for a specific amount of time to bring out the desired flavor, acidity, and aroma.

Finally, the coffee is brewed using traditional methods such as the jebena or the espresso machine. Further enhancing the coffee’s flavor and aroma, resulting in a rich and complex cup of coffee that is highly prized by coffee connoisseurs worldwide.

In conclusion, the journey from bean to cup of Ethiopian coffee is a fascinating and complex process. Every step, from meticulous harvesting to careful sorting, roasting, and brewing, is essential in bringing out the unique flavors and aroma of Ethiopian coffee. Making it highly valued and sought after by coffee lovers around the world.